Who We Are

Mid America Health (MAH) is a nationwide healthcare provider delivering services in several unique environments. Founded in 1986, we have earned a reputation of excellence in the healthcare industry by exceeding unwaveringly high quality and standards offering exceptional care, providing efficient management, producing effective cost reduction strategies and fostering positive relationships with our patients and clients. Due to these attributes, we have experienced continued growth and expansion across the United States. MAH provides everything you need to bring on-site dental healthcare to your facility. Whether it’s management for an existing dental clinic which includes; clinic staffing, dental equipment and supplies, or if you are looking for services delivered by portable dental equipment, MAH provides all the tools and staff necessary to bring exceptional on-site dental healthcare to every patient we see. We are headquartered in Greenwood, Indiana with regional offices in Ohio and multiple satellite offices throughout the United States.

MAH is transforming the delivery of dental services by providing the link between the patient and the provider!

Military Division 

MAH is proud to serve our servicemen and women for over 30 years through contracts with various U.S. military branches. Under our military division we employ professionals that offer a broad range of services to include nursing, dental, pharmacy, physical therapy, nutrition, optometry, audiology, psychology and psychiatry to active duty military and their families. Our military contracts expand across the nation extending to multiple branches in many states throughout the country.

Our professionals address the patients’ needs from general routine care to emergent care needs. We proudly serve the needs of several thousand patients nationwide by bringing care conveniently to them at a designated location.

Corrections Division

MAH has been providing comprehensive dental services to federal, state and county correctional facilities since 1986. We effectively manage the dental care of numerous correctional institutions of all sizes with a varied scope of services. Currently, we provide the dental care for over 91,000 men, women and juveniles incarcerated in over 120 correctional facilities within 10 states. We offer our clients services ranging from full statewide contract management to individual position staffing. Our employees work part-time, full-time and/or PRN to accommodate our client needs. MAH also provides portable dental services for smaller correctional facilities without an existing dental clinic on-site. With our portable units, all dental equipment is brought inside your facility for a safe and secure environment and dental clinic days are scheduled at your convenience.

Understanding the special needs of our clients and delivering consistent and dependable services under standards set by the American Correctional Association (ACA) and the National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC) has made MAH an industry leader.

Portable Division 

Through our portable dental units, MAH is able to offer dental healthcare services to locations without an existing dental clinic on-site including: employer-sponsored health clinics, hospitals, community health centers, behavior and addiction treatment centers. All equipment and staff are brought inside the facility for a safe and secure environment and dental clinic days are scheduled at your convenience.

The portable unit incorporates the latest in diagnostic and treatment capabilities yet represents a practical and ideal solution to provide the care patients need, at a convenient and accessible location.

Community Outreach Division

Our focus is to remove barriers for individuals in need of dental services by delivering care at a convenient location for the patient. With our portable dental operatory units MAH offers on-site dental services to facilities and locations without an existing dental clinic and care is provided within the premises of your secure environment. Our experienced, licensed professional staff use modern, up-to-date portable dental equipment that includes everything you would find in a typical dentist office. MAH also manages permanent on-site dental clinics overseeing all clinic staff, dental equipment and supplies necessary to deliver comprehensive dental care to every patient we see.

Within our Community Outreach Division we provide care to physician offices, adult and youth behavioral health and addiction treatment centers, community health centers and hospitals caring for underserved at-need patients. MAH is dedicated to helping treat the whole patient through continuous, comprehensive, innovative and coordinated care.

With over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry, MAH has grown to partner with a diverse group of clients in order to meet the dental healthcare needs of individuals from coast to coast.