Mid America Health, Inc. (MAH) has been a leading provider of dental healthcare services since 1986.  We provide a range of dental care to a vast patient population, from correctional facilities, county jails and military installations to long-term care facilities. In recent years, we have expanded our services to include additional professions within the healthcare industry through positions with the US Air Force.

Government Services

MAH has a team of highly qualified healthcare professionals working throughout the U.S. and has remained competitive in an ever changing healthcare industry by providing high quality patient care and efficiency while reducing overhead costs.


MAH provides comprehensive and innovative dental services to correctional facilities in several states throughout the United States. We are an industry leader in portable dentistry, offering dental services to smaller correctional facilities, juvenile facilities and county jails by providing an on-site dental clinic. We require our professionals to adhere to all standards established by the American Correctional Association (ACA) and the National Commission on Correctional Healthcare (NCCHC), ensuring the patients receive superior care.


We are a provider of healthcare staffing services to the US Air Force. These services include but are not limited to nursing, optometry, dental, nutrition, psychology and physical therapy. MAH employees work alongside active duty and government service employees to provide quality care to servicemen and women and their families.

Our current and previous military experience makes us a valuable asset to companies looking to move into the Federal Contracting realm. Contact us for information on how we can use our experience and skills to help you grow your company through Government Contracting opportunities.

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