Workers’ Compensation / Safety

In the event of a WORKPLACE INJURY, report the injury to your immediate supervisor and then to Mid America Health, Inc.’s (MAH’s) home office at 1-888-309-8239.  Upon reporting the injury to MAH, you will be given instructions on how to seek medical care, should you require it.

If the injury is of an emergency nature, seek treatment first and then report your injury to MAH as soon as possible thereafter. Use the First Report of Injury form provided here to report any injury incurred on the job. If your injury has exposed you to a blood-borne pathogen, follow the instructions contained in the blood-borne pathogen packet that is kept on-site for such emergencies. If you do not have a packet, contact MAH’s home office to request one.

Please download the First Report of Injury form, complete it and return to:

Mid America Health, Inc.
Attn: Human Resources
1499 Windhorst Way, Suite 100
Greenwood, IN 46143
Toll Free: 1-888-309-8239
Fax: 1-317-972-7969