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Since 1986, Mid America Health, Inc. (MAH) has been providing dental services to federal, state and local correctional facilities, introducing innovative management and operational dental concepts. MAH manages and staffs on-site comprehensive statewide correctional systems, county jails and juvenile detention centers across the United States. Our statewide correctional contracts vary from any combination of the following: on-site dental staffing, dental clinic management, dental equipment and supplies. We also provide a fully functional on-site dental clinic through our portable dental units for smaller correctional facilities, county jails and juvenile detention centers. Our company of dedicated professionals approach each customer with a supportive, goal-oriented partnership attitude.

The management systems developed and utilized by the MAH staff are designed to adhere to the standards established by the American Correctional Association (ACA) and the National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC). By establishing, operating and constantly monitoring a complete dental program for its clients, MAH has earned a deserved reputation of personal commitment and excellence.





On the leading edge of dentistry:

  • Performance Based Contracting
  • Portable Dental Operatories
  • Reduction in Offsite Referrals
  • Proprietary Dental Software
  • Utilization Management
  • Internal Audit Controls
  • Exceptional Recruiting and Retention
  • Continuous Quality Improvement Polices
  • Innovative Cost Control Measures
  • ACA and NCCHC Compliance


MAH is committed to providing our clients and patients superior, consistent and dependable care all across the United States.


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Performance Based Contracting

MAH offers a performance based staffing model for statewide corrections contracting in which success is measured by attaining performance measures and not simply by filling positions.  With Performance Based Contracting, instead of focusing on FTEs, the focus is placed on clinical outcomes such as: the number and type of procedures provided (by professional per clinic day), waiting periods, response time to emergencies/sick call request, grievances, infection control, tool control, documentation, etc. Through our performance measure audits conducted at every clinic, we continuously manage and monitor the delivery of dental care to the correctional population to ensure all staff meet and exceed clinical expectation outcomes.

With Performance Based Contracting, we have saved our clients millions of dollars while also increasing the performance of each professional and every dental clinic we manage.

Under Performance Based Contracting, the dental procedures performed increase at each clinic while dental grievances decline and access to care improves. This is all accomplished within the mandated waiting periods and standards of care while eliminating excess staff. We also establish a team of traveling practitioners to rotate among a group of facilities providing more efficient and enhanced dental care, thus reducing the need for offsite referrals or transports.

Performance Based Contracting integrates accountability and compliance with performance driven results and substantial cost savings for our clients!


Portable Dental Operatories

Through the use of portable dental units we offer on-site dental services to the most rural areas as well as smaller correctional facilities, county jails and juvenile detention centers. We understand the growing financial restraints placed on our clients while still being required to meet the needs of their population. With our portable dental operatories, our clients are relieved from capital cost for dental equipment and supplies as well as dental staffing because we provide it. We setup fully functional temporary dental operatories inside your institution using modern, up-to-date equipment to perform urgent and comprehensive care. All services delivered by our portable dental units are provided within the secure environment of your facility, eliminating the need to transport patients offsite.


IDDS Software

Our proprietary software, Integrated Dental Data Solution (IDDS), monitors staff performance to ensure the best fit of clinical staff at each dental clinic, while reducing overhead costs for our clients. IDDS is an electronic web-based application which tallies, during any time-frame desired, all patient encounters by provider at each dental clinic. Trend reports generated by IDDS will pinpoint efficiencies and inefficiencies and will assist in the migration to a Performance Based model that will result in exceptional care while reducing costs and maximizing patient visits. IDDS will monitor all clinic utilization to ensure compliance while reducing costs and maximizing each patient visit. There is no added cost to our clients for the use of IDDS in dental clinics we manage.